The urgency to determine whether attacks are related to hacktivism, targeted campaigns, or commodity threats is crucial. The increasing number of emerging threats coupled with the advent of new system architectures, vulnerabilities, and exponentially growing malware mutations it becomes clear understanding the full scope of a breach is non-trivial.

What We Do

Our approach is to analyze the root cause and extent the breach. Often this can be accomplished with attack forensics.

Quantify the Scope

  • What systems have been compromised?
  • How long has the threat been present?
  • Who are the attackers?
  • Are you currently being infiltrated?
  • Has data been exfiltrated?

Dismantle the Threat

  • Which tools were used?
  • What is the capability of the attack?
  • Are they looking for specific intel?
  • How did they get in?

Assess the Threat Now

Organizations are usually notified by third parties such as law enforcement agenices about a compromise. Don't be the last to know and check if your organization has been a victim of hacking or other types of malicious digital attacks.