Digital security breaches can wreak havoc on your enterprise and organizational assets. Within moments decades of data can be stolen or operations can be completely disrupted resulting in irrecoverable downtime.


  • Establish a plan
  • Perform security assessments
  • Simulate incidents
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Establish retainer


  • Malware & attack analysis
  • Digital forensics
  • Intrusion management
  • Breach containment
  • Legal compliance

Enhance Your Ability

Proactive preparation and security assessments are a crucial part of reducing the probability of a threat. However, if a breach does occur, minimizing the compromise time of a breach will drastically reduce overall impact and cost. Kryptos provides the technology to detect an unknown attack and the capability to remove the intruder.
Figure 1: Kryptos Logic Incident Response Approach

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Every Moment Counts

Examine the time it takes for an attacker to begin exfiltration of data during a compromise. Chances are the attack was discovered weeks, months, or sometimes not at all during exfiltration. Spending time to discover and assess damage, seek third party assistance, and follow legal compliance will not only stress your organization but can cause business interruption and reptutational or brand damage.
Figure 2: Percentage of Organizations to Experience Exfiltration by Compromise Time

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Methodology is Everything

How many ways did they get in? Where did they install backdoors? There is no silver bullet when it comes to Incident Response, therefore, we built our methodology on a hybrid mix of cutting-edge tools coupled with well-trained, experienced, and skilled security specialist. Our approach is designed to look at all aspects of a breach, starting with attacker motive to designing custom dynamic indicators of compromise to assess the extent of the damage. This methodology gives you the confidence that the attacks were thoroughly discovered, analyzed, and erradicated from your systems.
  • Prevent an attack with our Security Assessments
  • Ensure continuous security posture with our continuous threat monitoring
  • Defend, Detect, and Respond to intrusions with TACTICS
  • Analyze and contain threats with our Malware Analysis and Attack Forensics services