Kryptos Tactics

is a enterprise Incident Response Platform. Tactics can defend, detect, analyze, and respond to network attacks and advanced threats, hardening networks where they are most weak, inside the perimeter.

Tactics Advantages

  • Improve situational awareness and risk management
  • Secure assests and avoid disruption
  • Reduce probability of an intrusion and impact of a breach
  • Fast detection and removal of hacker presence on networks
  • Help meet industry and government compliance: PCI, FISMA, HIPPA, SOX, NERC

Tactics Features

  • Enterprise intrusion management
  • Enhanced exploit mitigation enforcement
  • Network-wide forensics and incident response
  • Ready-to-use security profiles
  • Strong cryptography and secure scripting

Take control of breaches

Defend, detect, analyze, and respond to network attacks and targeted attacks, hardening networks where they are most weak, inside the perimeter.

Tactics provides a secure framework, simplifying complex and laborious security tasks in one easy-to-use platform.

Harden Endpoints

  • Identify and prevent hacking and exploit attempts
  • Policy enforced exploit mitigations (ROP, HEAPSPRAYS, ASLR, DEP, SEHOP)
  • Inoculate unprotected systems
  • Tamper-resistant

Using enhanced exploit mitigations, advanced memory forensics, and dynamic indicators of compromise Tactics can thwart breach attempts and respond to existing or new attacks. Equipped with Tactics agents, you can often see an attack as it they are being planned -- and stop it in transition.

Detect Anomalies

  • Provide meaningful data to Security Information and Event Managers (SIEM)
  • Advanced Rootkit,Bootkit and malicious code detection
  • Transparent whitelists and blacklists
  • Randomized adhoc detection updates

Choose from an effective library of digitally signed functions to perform the heavy-lifting. Rapidly craft or modify existing functions when you need to evolve against advanced threats, augment SIEM's, or enhance incident response confidence.

Analyze Malware

  • Capture images and system memory states remotely
  • Malware and exploit analysis
  • Full system and kernel level overview
  • Scan for known indicators of compromise (IOC)

Operating under the assumption attackers will bypass security measures, Tactics provides breach status history and results to manage overall breach topology. Management is further augmented by design to share sensor data with SIEM’s in order to provide even greater situational awareness of network operations.

Intelligible Response

  • Deliver informed incident response through agent validation feedback
  • Contain infected hosts into virtual quarantine
  • Simpify remediation with simple to use threat removal framework
  • Define smart signatures, dynamic indicators of compromise, and removal routines
  • Manage all intrusion aspects to comply with regulatory compliance and legal reporting

Realizing you don't have adequate preparations for a security incident is bad, but making the wrong decisions during a security emergency can be catastrophic.

With our executive threat summary and response framework, you will be prepared for a security incident and your increased visibility will be a guide to better informed decisions.