What is Kryptos Vantage?

Vantage is an advanced malware detection service driven by IP intelligence.

With Vantage, you can identify malware which has slip by your existing defenses unnoticed within your organization. Vantage provides visibility into malware originating from within your organization and allows you to observe the frequency of infections, origin of infection, and where it's communicating.

Why Vantage?

Instantly determine if your organization has been compromised by malware.

IP intelligence supplements existing firewalls and antivirus software which fail to detect sophisticated malware. Whether it is classified as "APT" malware, information stealer, or ransomware Vantage has the ability instantly determine malware threats left undetected by protections which fall short.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce exposure to malware
  • Enhance threat intelligence
  • Enable forensics of enterprise security
  • Prevent fraud with early detection
  • Fill gaps in existing detection systems

Vantage Architecture

image description

How Does Vantage Work?

Vantage passively detects malicious network traffic.

Network connections destined for malicious servers are intercepted by Vantage from the outside. Vantage methodology provides IP Intelligence that is reliable. Service options are non-intrusive and require no installation.

Intelligence Source

The Vantage engine samples millions of compromised systems and malicious control servers through honeypots, crawling, and sinkholes and aggregates attack data into meaningful and actionable intelligence. Vantage allows organizations to determine the overall risk factor of any organization worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Billions of records per year
  • Near real time detection
  • Bigdata driven analytics
  • No hardware or software installation
  • Interactive dashboard or simplified results

Simplified Delivery

Data as a Service (DaaS) provides easy access to consolidated, detailed, and complete IP reputation data. Feed data such as suspicious IP addresses and malicious domains are aggregated and normalized into a simple to understand format accessible through web, download, and API. No management or maintenance neccessary.