What if your network environment was monitored around the clock with exploits proactively detected and resolved before they cause a breach or business interruption? Or if you could get your security managed so that your IT staff could focus on business innovation?
Kryptos Managed Security Monitoring is designed to proactively defend, detect, analyze, and respond to the security events in your infrastructure. Our managed service brings together all of the moving parts needed to prevent and manage intrusions. Our security monitoring offers complete security from prevention to remediation.

Whether it is alerting new vulnerabilities introduced from day-to-day network changes, contacting IT personnel of spear-phishing attempts against your employees, or helping remediate a discovered intrusion within your organization we will ensure you are the first-to-know and first-to-respond.

Service Highlights

  • Focus your IT resources on business innovation rather than security & compliance
  • Reduce infiltration and exfiltration time of attacks
  • Reduce the probability of an intrusion
  • Minimize the impact of an intrusion

Key Features

  • 24/7 internal and external attack monitoring
  • Proactively search for new or existing attackers and intrusions
  • Dynamic incident response and forenics framework
  • Real people with up-to-date threat intelligence

Kryptos Managed Security Monitoring Platform

Kryptos Managed Security Monitoring service designed around our Vantage, Insight, and Tactics solutions, complemented by our research, threat intelligence, and industry recognized security specialists.

Take control of your network security

Stop worrying about security with Kryptos Managed Security Monitoring. Start by requesting an on-site assessment of your environment which includes: security and vulnerability scans, network and systems analysis, and risk assessment.